HC801A Hunting Trail Camera Wildlife Camera With Night Vision Motion Activated Outdoor Trail Camera Trigger Wildlife Scouting

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 HC801A Hunting Trail Camera 20MP HD 1080P Photo Trap Wild Cameras Night Version IP65 Waterproof Wildlife Scouting Cam RL17-0004


Q1.What illumination at night?


Q2: Does the infrared see the light at night or not?

A2:Yes,there will be a faint red light. But not obvious.

Q3:Language of Hunting Trail Camera?


Q4: Can the camera record sound?

A4:Please change the video menu setting,and turn on the "Recored Audio".If "On",Video sound is recorded.

Please note that there is no speaker on trail camera.So you can not hear the sound from camera.You should check the sound in your computer or TV.

Q5:What is the effective distance triggered by the camera?

A5:Extreme PIR Distance: 65ft/20 meters.Please note that 20 meters is the extreme distance.As long as the surroundings is open enough, and there are no obstructions before the camera. And the amplitude of animal movement is large enough to trigger the camera at a distance of 20 meters.

Q6: How long does the sequence lenght is?

A6: Adjustable from 10~90s.

Q7:Why the camera not take photos at night and by day they come out pink?

A7:The camera collided fiercely during transportation, which may caused the IRCUT to deviate and jam.Which will cause the camera come out pink.

Please cover the lens of camera with your hand several times under the "test" model?please note that you should do this on "test" model.When the IRCUT reset,you will hear you will hear a clicking sound from Camera.

Or Please shake the camera vigorously a few times under the "test" model.When the IRCUT reset,you will hear you will hear a clicking sound from Camera.

Any questions,please feel free to contact us.

Q8: Why the camera will become white screen?

A8: Reason 1st:The camera will become white screen under insufficient voltage.You need change another full power of batteries.

Reason 2:The camera will become white screen if it is in a Strong magnetic environment.

Reason 3: The cable of camera is loose.please contact us,we will send you a program of firmware Upgrade and Steps.

Q9:Why the camera will turn off automatically.

A9:The camera has automatic power-off device to save power of batteries.It will turn off automatically within 2 minute if you do not operate it under "Test" model. It will not turn off automatically if the camera under "on" model.





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