High-power Laser Aiming Slingshot Outdoor Sports Hunting Shooting Catapult Competition Practice Using High Precision Solid

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Product description

1. Due to aviation regulations, we cannot send you batteries. The battery model is lr41, and the laser needs 3 batteries
2. The size of the slingshot is manually measured, please allow 1-3mm error

Product advantages:
1. The two sides of the handle adopt anti-skid design, the arc of the handle conforms to ergonomics, and the grip is more comfortable.
2. The slingshot adopts laser aiming + horizontal aiming, and the level allows novices to adjust the design posture.
3. Laser sight can help you improve shooting accuracy.
4. The mobile sight design can quickly lock the target.
5. With spring pressure design, it is very convenient and quick to replace the rubber band.
6. The precise infrared shooting distance is 20m
7. Small size, light weight, easy to carry

1. Slingshot material: polycarbonate material (resin)
2. Laser battery model: LR41
3. Can the rubber bands be replaced: Yes, we also sell rubber bands separately
4. The slingshot can hit mud balls, steel balls and small rocks
5. How to use the spirit level: The bubble of the spirit level is centered, which means your shooting posture is correct. The shooting posture can be adjusted according to the position of the horizontal bubble

Height: 130mm,
Slingshot outer width: 80mm,
Slingshot inner width: 40mm
Bow head width: 20mm
Weight: 120g
color: gray


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